Saturday, July 22, 2017

Of Love and Dust was a great novel. It is about a man who is bonded out by a plantation owner, and he must work off his debt. Marcus is not your average African-American. He doesn't abide by the rules like many others. He falls for the overseer's wife, and he courts her. You keep wondering they are going to get caught. Bonbon is the overseer and he works Marcus hard. He is in love with an African-American woman. He has two children for her. They are bad twins. He knows he can never be with her legally. Marcus and his wife are in love and they try to go up North. The novel keeps you in suspense. It is a great Southern novel. It is about love and dust. The dusty road that leads you to the plantation and gets stirred up just like Marcus stirs up things on this plantation. It has a lot of great Southern nicknames. It is a good read. I would recommend it.
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